So I guess I should introduce myself. I'm known as CrimsonTome online (not that I'm well known at all), but if you do speak to me then feel free to call me Robyn. I am second year Computer Science student at the University of Hull, at which I am the Webmaster for HullCSS and a member of the sysadmin team at Freeside I studied Computer Science, Psychology and Sociology at York College and achieved grades C, C and A respectively. I have some experience with Linux, which started with tinkering with a Raspberry Pi which i have been doing for 5 years now. In August 2021 I switched from Windows 10 to Ubuntu --> Kubuntu --> Arch --> MX --> Fedora KDE (current) on my laptop and am now familiar with Linux. Like many others, I enjoy playing video games in my spare time. My favourite franchises would have to be Fire Emblem and Borderlands. As a CS student I also enjoy coding primarily in Bash/Shell and C# as these are what I am the most familiar with. I know a bit of Python As part of working on this site I am learning some CSS and JS. I've always wanted to learn C/C++ but never really had the time for it. I love working on Linux sysadmin and spend a lot of time working on my VPS and tinkering with Docker.
If for some reason you need to contact me then my Discord is: CrimsonTome427#7459 Or send me an email at Mastodon

Source code for this site can be found here

Looking to hire me? My CV is available here